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Healthy and sustained weight loss

Losing weight and keeping it off is something you can learn

We have all been there:

  • Following the latest diet
  • One slip up and give up
  • Yoyo dieting
  • Stress or anxiety? You eat
  • Good start in the morning, willpower gone mid-afternoon
  • Promising to start again tomorrow but...
  • Lost it all but slowly putting it on again

    Taking the time to focus on losing weight is important.
    Taking the time to understand why you are overweight, why you are not able to keep it off is important.

    Losing weight starts in the head.
    Becoming aware of what it is you do that puts the weight on; what your thoughts and beliefs are regarding weight loss; how important your health is to you; what used to happen in the past; etc.

    Becoming aware of the real reasons for being overweight is key.
    Do you overeat because of stress, anxiety, not able to get control or is it mindless eating?
    Any idea what your portion sizes are and what it should be?
    How do you deal with hunger and craving?
    How often does this mindless eating happen?

    Mindfull eating instead of Mindless eating

  • A personal approach

    Losing weight and keeping it off is a personal story.
    With personal coaching you will be able to change that story.
    You will learn not to be on a constant diet but how to choose a healthy life style.
    It is about awareness and awareness EMPOWERS you.

    In the weekly coaching sessions we will work together on:
  • your personalised weight loss plan with healthy normal food
  • how to deal with sugar and fat addiction
  • how to create a balanced bloodsugar level
  • awareness
  • behaviour
  • motivation
  • how to change habits and patterns
  • creating a default mode
  • what kind of support you need
  • monitoring weight loss
  • how to sustain a healthy weight

    By becoming aware of what it is that keeps you from success you have opened the door to lasting change.

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