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Birgit Morrison; more about me

After my coaching course and NLP practitioner course I started as a coach in 2008 and I work with people who want to change how they live their life by looking at the obstacles in their lives. Obstacles such as issues in relationships with significant others, children, parents, colleagues etc. but also issues in relationship with themselves.

In 2011 I started to work with a weight loss method developed by a Dutch GP who realised that together with a focus on healthy eating, personal support and coaching on issues related to habits and patterns and thoughts and awareness are of vital importance
By becoming aware of what it is in you that creates the weight problem you have a much better chance of losing the weight and maintaining the weight loss.

I very much appreciate how difficult it can be to maintain weight loss for all kinds of different reasons and I offer a confidential, warm and supportive environment where my clients feel they can be themselves and are able to get the understanding they need about themselves and together we develop a 'box' full of tools to maintain your healthy body weight.

Research has shown that personal support and insights in habits and patterns play a great part in sustained weight loss

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