Frequently asked questions

What kind of foods will I be eating?
Just normal healthy food available in any supermarket and with a focus on low fat and as little sugar as possible. You can cook the same meals for yourself and your family with a little bit of an adjustment. Life needs to be easy in these busy times.

Will it be easy to sustain my weight loss?
The insights into your habits, a changed mindset, a right structure and a proper plan will put you in control and you will be able to keep the weight off.

With other diets I felt tired and hungry all the time; does that happen in this program?
Everybody who has followed this program is amazed how energised they feel after the first few days. This is due to a no-sugar policy, a balanced bloodsugar lever, a cleaner body AND you are not allowed to be hungry.

I have a busy job. Will I be able to follow the program and keep the weight off?
I have a lot of clients who have busy jobs and as the program is well structured and geared to your personal needs you will be able to follow the program in your own way.

Do I need to do a lot of exercise?
We all know exercise is a good thing but without it you can still lose weight and when you start to feel energised you are likely to want to do some exercise. Losing weight starts with changing your lifestyle choices!

How much weight can I expect to lose in a week?
This differs per person but on average you can lose between 2lbs and 5lbs per week.

What to do if I put weight back on after X-mas or after a holiday?
You learn about your default mode - going back to normal - but if you think you need some extra help you can follow a recovery course that can help you to lose between 6 and 11lbs in 3 weeks.

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