In the last 10 yrs I put on a lot of weight; my knees started to hurt; I was out of breath. I tried all kinds of things but this one really works for me! I feel much more energised which I didn't realise was possible at my age (68!). I lost 5st in 8 months, got rid of my diabetic medication, my blood pressure came down and I have kept the weight off. Finally I am in control and will stay in control! Mrs. L in B.

I was amazed how easy it was to follow this program and how well I started to feel after the first week. I lost 2st in 10 weeks without calorie counting or shakes; just normal healthy food. I am still following the guidelines and use the tools that Birgit has given me and I will keep doing this for the rest of my life! Mrs S. in C.

I was a bit sceptical at first as I lost a stone by myself but couldn't lose any more and started to put it back on again. I needed Birgit to find out how to deal with the weight problem and I have now a clear idea what my pitfalls are and how to organise myself. I honestly didn't realise how easy it could be. I am in a much better place having lost another 3 stone. Mrs B. in A.

I didn't know where to start; my weight had ballooned and it became an insurmountable mountain! Birgit came recommended and she was my last hope! I learned to change my ways and understand now it is not about dieting; it is about changing my life style and that's what I did with Birgit's help. Mr C. in L.

I was seriously overweight; had tried all kinds of different methods but always put it back on until somebody recommended Birgit to me.
I have learned so much about myself, am much more confident, lost 8stone in 12 months and got rid of several different pills for amongst others anxiety, diabetes, hiatus hernia. I would sincerely recommend Birgit. She helped me change my life around and I have learned to be in control and it is all about choices as long as I make these choices myself! Mrs R. in P.

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